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Postscript on Mediation

One more update on the topic Pastor Wedgeworth and I have recently posted on, the end of Christ’s priestly mediation between the Father and the faithful in the eschaton. The annotator of Augustine’s On the Trinity, which I discussed in the first post, in the NPNF series was the Presbyterian theologian W.G.T. Shedd. In addition to giving Scripture […]

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Education as Self-Reflection: William G.T. Shedd

We have heard quite a bit about various “turns” in the history of philosophy. One of the most significant of these “conversions” (i.e., “turnings”) is Plato’s great philosophical “inward turn.” The turn inward, for Plato and his ancient interpreters, marks the beginning of the soul’s journey away from the multitude of phenomena to the absolute […]

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William Shedd on Concreated Holiness

Discussions of human nature in its original state and the donum superadditum today seem arcane and a minor point at best. This was not the case, however, just one hundred years ago. When one reviews the great American systematic theologies from the Reformed tradition, he will find thorough discussions of anthropology, even (or perhaps especially) the […]