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Kantian Catechism

In Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, WGT Shedd puts a plug in for catechising in addition to other types of Sunday school (he, in keeping with the conventions of his day, calls it “Sabbath-School”) instruction. Indeed, he favors a combination of the two–“lay” instruction in Sunday school and pastoral catechesis. Thus he says: The pastor should, therefore, […]

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Shedd, Plato, and the Nature of Human Thinking

In the first chapter of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, “Relation of Sacred Eloquence to Biblical Exegesis,” W.G.T. Shedd discusses what “originality” might mean for the “sacred orator,” for he has just said that the study of sacred revelation does indeed grant an originality to “religious thinking and discourse.” Shedd writes: Originality is a term often employed, […]

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Postscript on Mediation

One more update on the topic Pastor Wedgeworth and I have recently posted on, the end of Christ’s priestly mediation between the Father and the faithful in the eschaton. The annotator of Augustine’s On the Trinity, which I discussed in the first post, in the NPNF series was the Presbyterian theologian W.G.T. Shedd. In addition to giving Scripture […]

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WGT Shedd on Divine Justice: With Excursions on Rewards, Punishment, and Atonement

Editor’s note: The following is taken from Shedd’s Dogmatic Theology Vol. 1 (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1888) p365-388. Some formatting changes have been made for the online format and general ease of reading. The discussion is ordered by the species of justice, of which Shedd lists four: rectoral justice, distributive justice (which is then subdivided into remunerative […]