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Calvinists Justifying Themselves

Mark Garcia, author of a mammoth volume on Calvin’s view of union with Christ, has finally started to respond to J.V. Fesko’s several year long interaction with his work. These posts will be worth following. Much of Fesko’s criticism exists in seminal form in a review article he wrote of Garcia’s book (and one other) […]

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Dr. Enns’s Brief Response

In a Facebook thread, Dr. Peter Enns offered this summary of my essay on the historical Adam: “A rather long-winded piece that says what others are saying in defense of a historical Adam: ‘We are literalists, and without Adam our theology falls apart; Therefore, Adam must exist.’” He continued throughout the thread to say that Evangelicals […]

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The Escondido Theology: A Reformed Response to Two Kingdom Theology

John Frame, The Escondido Theology: A Reformed Response to Two Kingdom Theology, Whitefield Media Publishing, 2011. “What’s that one about?” asked the stranger sitting next to me at the local coffee shop. I had no idea where to start, because it’s a very hard question to answer. The same question might just as well be […]