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The Catholic Dabney

In his pamphlet The Westminster Confession and Creeds, R L Dabney explains the role of confessions in defining the church. He upholds the right of particular branches or denominations to limit their clergy to the boundaries of chosen confessions, but he then denies that this in any way defines the boundaries of the catholic church. Instead, […]

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Erastian Hebraists and Hebraist Erastians

Eric Nelson writes of the close identity between Erastians and Hebraists among 17th-cent. English Protestants: The troika of Hebraism, Erastianism, and toleration, forged so powerfully in the Dutch Remonstrant controversy, would resurface almost identically in the ecclesiological debates surrounding the English Revolution. When the Westminster Assembly of Divines convened in July of 1643 (in defiance […]

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The Sacraments Do Not Confer Grace

Despite the strong re-affirmation of sacramental grace in Reformed theology over the last few decades, there is a curious feature in the history of Reformed theology when it comes to the use of the expression “to confer grace.” Among the 16th- and 17th-century Reformed theologians, the sacraments are overwhelmingly affirmed as genuine instruments of the […]