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Dr. Auten Reviews Worthen’s Apostles of Reason

TCI contributor Brian Auten has posted a review of Molly Worthen’s book, Apostles of Reason. The book is quite critical of what it calls “neo-fundamentalism” and “neo-evangelicalism,” and as such, it is quite controversial. Dr. Auten is evenhanded in his review, noting the areas of strength and weakness. Still, he rightly picks up on the fact […]

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Responsum: Defining First Principles

Pastor Benjamin Miller from Long Island, NY, asks: Can you define and distinguish: (1) W.W. Bartley III’s notion of “ultimate commitment” (which he regards as voluntaristic and finally arbitrary); (1) is something that is simply chosen or asserted: “I want to believe in X, or I have various reasons to believe in X, but it really doesn’t […]