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The Convivium Calvinisticum: A Report

The first-ever Convivium Calvinisticum was held last week and sponsored by the Reformed Irenics private online theology forum. While all of the writers for TCI are members of the Reformed Irenics, the two entities are distinct, and it should be made plain that the content posted at TCI are not at all necessarily the views of Reformed […]

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Richard Hooker, Reformed Irenic

Or, A Refutation of the Calumnious Slanders Lately Lodged Against the Most Judicious and Rev. D. Hooker by D. Joyce of Birmingham, in Which are Exposed hir sundrie Errors, Misquotacions, and Misconceipts which do Uniustlie Stayne his moste Noble Memorie. In her recent book, Richard Hooker and Anglican Moral Theology,[1] Alison Joyce offers an important […]

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John Calvin and the Two Kingdoms- Part 1

The investigation and application of classical evangelical political doctrine is one of our main commitments, and it is therefore important to us to ensure that Calvin is correctly read in his proper context of common Reformation principles. Anyone familiar with the American Reformed world knows that a peculiar school of political theology, associated with California’s […]