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“As Many of You As Were Baptized” (2)

After some delay, we continue with Calvin on Galatians 3.26-7. In the first installment, we saw the central importance to Calvin of union in the consideration of what it means to be sons of God. But Paul seems to say that this comes about by baptism. So: is it the case that “being baptized” is […]

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Herman Bavinck on the Beatific Vision

The doctrine of the Beatific Vision, so central to medieval Western theology, is much rarely discussed in Reformed churches. It does appear in most of the older dogmatic writers, however. There are interesting points of variety between them too– take, for instance, Calvin’s view and Owen’s (more on them in a later post…). Here is […]

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“As Many of You as Were Baptized” (1)

In Galatians 3.26-7, Paul makes what seems prima facie to be a startling transition: “[F]or in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ” (ESV). Note that second connective “for”: Paul is talking about faith, and then, all of a […]

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A Quick Observation On The Federal Vision

As the title indicates, more will need to be said, but the thoughts seem to warrant a note, even if it is something like a sticky note with a “To Do” list on it. The recent post on Ursinus is obviously relevant, but so are the older observations on Martin Luther, particularly his view of […]

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The Feast of St. Martin

Martin Luther, that is, the great reformer of the church. We commemorate his life and teaching this day, and it seems fitting that we emphasize his foundational teaching, the justification of the sinner only by faith in Christ. Here is a portion of Dr. Luther’s famous Two Kinds of Righteousness: Through faith in Christ, therefore, Christ’s […]

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Calvinists Justifying Themselves

Mark Garcia, author of a mammoth volume on Calvin’s view of union with Christ, has finally started to respond to J.V. Fesko’s several year long interaction with his work. These posts will be worth following. Much of Fesko’s criticism exists in seminal form in a review article he wrote of Garcia’s book (and one other) […]