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A Reformation Reader from the Davenant Institute

Since everyone knows that Martin Luther caused the modern capitalist order, we thought we’d lean right into that bad boy and use today’s date to unveil the Davenant Institute’s latest publishing endeavor! Behold, we present to you Reformation Theology: A Reader of Primary Sources with Introductions. Get your copy here. This thing is pretty sweet. Basically, […]

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The Catholic Church Has Already Been Transformed

The continuing fallout from Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia appears to be reaching a decisive moment. The bishops of Malta have released an interpretation of Amoris Laetitia which supports and applies what might be called the “progressive” interpretation. It allows for those people who have been divorced and remarried, hitherto a state considered mortal sin, to receive […]

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A Roman Catholic Defense of Papalism

Pater Edmund has a worthy series of essays on the Roman Catholic understanding of religious freedom and Church and State over at The Josias. In the third installment he interacts with Reformation developments and modernity, citing a few of us along the way. While we would reach very different conclusions from Pater Edmund, he cites […]

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Happy Anniversary Unam Sanctam

Today marks the 711th anniversary of Boniface VIII’s infamous bull. Richard Cavendish wrote a summary of the bull and its historical occasioning a few years ago, and the full text of Unam Sanctam can be found here. Few people are aware of this document today, and many of those who are would rather that they not be. […]