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“The Spirit of God upon the Face of the Waters”: Calvin and the Catholicity of Truth

In a puzzling string of assertions comprising part of a recent online article, the claim was made that the principle that “all truth is God’s truth” is “distinctively Dutch Reformed.” (Curiously, as a superior alternative there was offered the perspective of a theologian who was…Dutch…and Reformed.)  The claim that the aforementioned principle is as Netherlandish […]

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Sola Scriptura and Natural Revelation

Some of my previous posts at TCI have contended that there is a rational method for verifying religious claims, and have outlined in more detail how this method works for Protestants. I want to build slightly upon these arguments to make another clarification about method. In my post about religious studies in general, I noted that “[i]nsofar […]

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Why Squishy Converts Are The Worst

My friend and fellow pastor in the CREC, Toby Sumpter, has been posting some clear-thinking reflections on what is practically involved when Reformed Christians convert to Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy. I thought this post was especially accurate, particularly this paragraph: A convert must leave the unity of the church that he/she is currently enjoying. […]

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Kinds of Truth-Telling

What is the historian supposed to do? How does his task relate to that of other kinds of writer? This is a question that exercised ancient historians and others who theorized about history in antiquity. Cicero was one of those who did the latter, and in On the Laws 1.4-5 he gives a brief summary […]