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Philip Schaff on the History of Torture

In the 4th Volume of his History of the Christian Church, Philip Schaff devotes a chapter to the discussion of torture. Professor Schaff is wholly opposed to the use of torture in order to extract information or obtain a confession of guilt, and it is clear that he believes the best of Christian thought is also […]

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Praetorius: A Voice Against Torture

On our About page, one will see a painting of the Heidelberg Tun, a giant wine casket which was the wonder of that capitol of irenic Calvinism. There is a charming panegyric of the Tun by a presently obscure Reformed minister, poet, and scholar, one Anton Praetorius. The poem celebrates the Tun as proof of the superiority […]

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Torture and the Gospel

Over at my personal/pastoral blog I have written some thoughts on the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report. Here are the concluding paragraphs: Now, there are many potential political and legal considerations and responses. I lack the expertise to propose them or comment on various alternative policies which could have been implemented or should […]