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The Convivium Calvinisticum: A Report

The first-ever Convivium Calvinisticum was held last week and sponsored by the Reformed Irenics private online theology forum. While all of the writers for TCI are members of the Reformed Irenics, the two entities are distinct, and it should be made plain that the content posted at TCI are not at all necessarily the views of Reformed […]

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Richard Hooker and the Three Kinds of Righteousness

In the seventh chapter of A Companion to Richard Hooker, Ranall Ingalls defends Hooker’s “Protestant” and “Reformation” credentials by pointing to his adherence to justification by faith alone and the imputed external righteousness of Christ. He supplies this quote from Hooker’s Learned Discourse on Justification: There is a glorifyinge righteousnes of men in the Worlde to […]

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Littlejohn’s Reviews of Richard Hooker

Brad Littlejohn has been consistently working in Richard Hooker studies for some while now.  He has a soon-to-be published essay on Richard Hooker’s doctrine of the two kingdoms and its relation to modern and incorrect articulations of the doctrine today.  We have critiqued these mistaken presentations elsewhere, and now Mr. Littlejohn has offered another critique of […]