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Vermigli vs Hobbes on Idolatry

In his massive chapter on ecclesiastical power in Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes argues that people can rightly bow before idols, or deny belief in Christ as Messiah. He writes that if a civil magistrate forbids one to believe in Christ, it does not matter: To this I answer, that such a forbidding is of no effect, […]

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Thomas Hobbes’s Reformed Soteriology

In Leviathan Thomas Hobbes writes that faith in Jesus Christ is not attainable, except by the sovereign gift of God. He says the following, in the context of a discussion about the role of the Christian person in a Christian commonwealth: It is the doctrine of St. Paul concerning Christian faith in general, “Faith cometh by hearing,” […]

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Responsum: Voluntarism and Early Modern Political Theory

Our friend Davey Henreckson, formerly of Notre Dame and now of Princeton, has posed some very helpful questions for us at his site, in response to our essay, occasioned by the polemics of Mr. Matthew Tuininga, on the ecclesiastical politics of John Calvin. His questions are excerpted here, and replies follow. But first, two terms might […]