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Thomas Goodwin on Double Justification, James and Paul, and a Working Faith

The following is an excerpt from Thomas Goodwin’s Of Gospel Holiness In the Heart and Life. It is found in vol. 7 of his Works, available here. This excerpt begins towards the beginning of the first chapter of the second book and continues through the end of the third chapter of that book. It can […]

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Thomas Goodwin on the Incarnation and the Fall

In his sermons on Ephesians chapter 2 [works Vol 2. Sermon no. 3.  p. 33] Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680), member of the Westminster Assembly, embarks upon a slightly speculative theological reflection with regard to the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of Christ.  This angle he attributes to Zanchius and the school-man Suarez. Goodwin contends that […]