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From New Urbanism to New Domesticity

“Women’s work” is threatening to become trendy, or so a few recent books would suggest. Apparently the “Hipster Housewives” are taking the crunchy movement to its next step: New Domesticity. Cooking. crafting, and cloth-diapering are just some of the ways that cosmopolitan young ladies are reclaiming the home. But is this anything more than a fad? […]

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Third Ways: How Bulgarian Greens, Swedish Housewives, and Beer-Swilling Englishmen Created Family-Centered Economies – And Why They Disappeared

Third Ways is not a new release. It has been out for nearly six years now, but it still seems relevant and even forward-looking. The news has had several recent discussions about the question of child-bearing and child-rearing. And of course, no one seems to be satisfied with the current Left Wing / Right Wing divide […]