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“Prayer, Work, Laughter, We Need Them All”: Notes in Service of Sanctified Celebration

“Natura abhorret a vacuo” Nature abhors a vacuum, and so every people constituted as a political body is going to have a schedule of sacred observances, of holy days–days marked out as special in some way, whether because of their perceived relation to a polity’s foundation or to its preservation. This calendar never has been, […]

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The Defeat of Orthodoxy? An Examination of the Rise of Homoean Theology and the Council of Constantinople in AD 360

My post entitled “The Myth of the Ecumenical Early Church” was actually taken from a paraphrase of a paper I wrote while in seminary in 2007. As a part of the assignment, my paper had to present a “problem” in church history and leave the resolution open-ended. This was not intended to question the resolution […]