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Calvin on Involuntary Worship

As we have noted in the past, Calvin allowed for the suppression of heretics for political reasons, but he did not believe that the faith could be coerced. One reason that it can not be coerced is that, for Calvin, worship must be offered willing. A worship give out of fear or force is of […]

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Calvin on the True Supression of Heretics

Everyone knows that John Calvin believed in the use of force to suppress heretics. What this post presupposes is…. maybe he didn’t? Perhaps the question is more complicated. We have written about the relationship between Calvin’s doctrine of the two kingdoms and the civil-political suppression of heresy here and here. He certainly did not promote […]

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The Servetus Thing

Davey Henreckson, guest-posting at Political Theology, considers whether Calvin is really a Whig who simply suffered intellectually irrelevant bouts of political dyspepsia, as Dr Witte seems to want him to have been, or not. The first post is here, and the second here. We ourselves briefly dealt with Dr Witte’s construal of Calvin in our […]