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“Whether It Is Permitted to the King, Prince, or Magistrate to Establish Religion”

Richard Hooker famously (?) said: “A gross error it is, to think that regal power ought to serve for the good of the body, and not of the soul; for men’s temporal peace, and not for their eternal safety: as if God had ordained kings for no other end and purpose but only to fat […]

Archive Authors E.J. Hutchinson Nota Bene Reformed Irenicism The Two Kingdoms

On the Holiness of All Vocations

Are all lawful vocations (even so-called “common” ones) holy before the Lord? Yes. Does this mean that there is a “Christian” version of everything (e.g., Christian math, Christian bicycle repair, Christian spelling)? No. Well, mostly no, and sort of yes, in a way. Niels Hemmingsen gives a good summation of the Reformational view of the […]