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Playing the Man and Playing the Ball

In my very brief and never altogether promising time as a Soccer player, I was taught that physical contact with the opponent was allowed so long as one was “playing the ball.” Shoulder bumps and even slide tackles were permitted, as long as contact was made with the ball. “Playing the man,” by contrast, was […]

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The Nature and Future of Protestantism

A month after the Future of Protestantism discussion at Biola, I think it is fair to say that by all accounts it was a great success. I am honored to have been part of it. The discussion was very well attended— the chapel was packed, in fact, and thousands watched the live stream— but most […]

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The Future of Protestantism

The Future of Protestantism: A Public Conversation will be hosted tomorrow night at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. Notice that it begins at 7pm Pacific Standard Time. A live webcast will also be available, and you should subscribe to it on the link at the right side of the webpage in order to stay updated. […]

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The Davenant Trust

This post is long overdue, but we are nonetheless excited to introduce the Davenant Trust. Originally the brainchild of Dr. Bradford Littlejohn, the Davenant Trust came together after the completion of 2013 Convivium Calvinisticum. While the Davenant Trust is independent from TCI, it exists in an obvious partnership with TCI, and most of its board […]