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What We Mean by Renewal and Retrieval

One of the aims of the The Calvinist International is the ‘renewal of Christian wisdom’ to re-invigorate the Church. The method for this renewal is a principled retrieval of classical Protestant Christianity. The retrieval is not a bigoted one, which pushes aside ideas and sources not directly stemming from magisterial Reformation. Far from it. The […]

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Donations to TCI and Looking Back on 3 Years

Peter Escalante and I started this website about 3 years ago. Since that time we have expanded considerably, adding at least 12 other contributors (as well as 2 unpaid interns!) and attracting around 9,000 visitors each month. We regularly run into readers at conferences and other events, and we are occasionally contacted by the authors […]

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Evangelical Resourcement

The editors of TCI have been working on a project of Protestant and Reformed Resourcement for some time.  We have named this project, “How Then Have We Lived?,” in tribute to the late Francis Schaeffer.  He energized the Evangelical world to move forward confidently with a Christian philosophy and engagement with the world of arts […]