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Bobos Conflicted

Samuel Goldman has a pointed essay at The American Conservative where he explains why the Bourgeois Bohemians are at odds with themselves. Their own desires are self-contradictory at key points. Mr. Goldman writes: So how can this be the best of times for gays, sufferers from cardiovascular disease, African American politicians, TV fans, ambitious women, and so […]

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The Real Emergence of Radicalism in America

Writing over at The American Conservative, Daniel McCarthy points out that, strictly speaking, all of the new radical ideas in American politics have come from the right:

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What Would a “Solidaristic Center-Right” Take?

Scott Galupo makes the necessary and ever-pressing point that so-called “social conservatism” is actually not compatible with what currently goes by the name “fiscal conservatism.” Galupo writes: The problem is simple: a pro-family agenda and the apocalyptic anti-statism are divergent paths. Sooner rather than later, conservatives interested in winning elections again are going to have […]

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Mo Babies Mo Problems

This past Sunday, Ross Douthat started a truly astounding conversation about babies, decadence, and the American social conscience.  A strong but partially appreciative criticism was offered by Matthew Yglesias at Slate, and a qualifying but supportive essay was written by Samuel Goldman.  Rod Dreher has made steady commentary throughout the week, with a suggested definition […]