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Principium Patristicum de Sancta Scriptura

Recently having had occasion to revisit a passage in Rufinus of Aquileia’s┬áCommentary on the Apostles’ Creed, which I discussed briefly here, I was struck by the principles he sets out when dealing with the validity of confessing Christ’s descent into hell. 18. They who have handed down the Creed to us have with much forethought […]

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“To the Law and to the Testimony,” or: What Jesus Says in John 12

The notion that Scripture can serve as judge in theological controversies is sometimes subject to soft (or not) ridicule and scorn. Aren’t words, once they are uttered–whether into the air or onto paper–inert, mute, infinitely malleable? How could they possibly adjudicate anything? The question is one that can be put to human communication in general: […]