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Žižek vs. Chomsky

It’s hard to think of two men better suited for each other, both ideologically and temperamentally, than Slavoj Žižek and Noam Chomsky. Lucky for us readers, they’ve gotten into a spat. Chomsky accused Žižek of not actually having a philosophical or political theory, relying instead on rhetoric and comedic behavior. Žižek’s response is, as usual, pointed and […]

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Taking Žižek Seriously

This recent interview with Adam Kirsch led me back to his stringent criticisms of Slavoj Žižek. The original and most systematic can be found in Mr. Kirsch’s review of Violence and In Defense of Lost Causes.  Žižek’s response to that review and then Mr. Kirsch’s rejoinder are also quite instructive. Finally, Mr. Kirsch gets in one last word, calling […]