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The Inescapable Law of Causality

Edward Feser, writing in reply to atheist Keith Parsons, argues succinctly that denying the principle of causality is incoherent. This of course has great relevance for debates over the arguments for the existence of God, and for responses to major objectors like Hume. I would also argue that PSR, rightly understood — that is, in […]

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Lamennais on Indifference and Truth

Words introductory, in which I do the disclaimer thing: The following quotation should not be taken as an endorsement of Lamennais in omnibus rebus as anyone who reads his Wikipedia entry will immediately understand. But the quotation itself is worthy of some reflection. And anyway, I was directed to it by the great Bavinck. So […]

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The Humanism of Martin Luther

William J. Wright, Martin Luther’s Understanding of God’s Two Kingdoms: A Response to the Challenge of Skepticism, Baker Academic 2010. William J. Wright seeks to explain Martin Luther’s theology of the “two kingdoms,” not as merely one locus among many in Luther’s thought, but rather as a controlling method by which Luther approaches all intellectual questions, […]