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Is Concupiscence Sin?– Gay Christianity, Desire, and Orientation

Picking up from my previous post on the problem of gay-but-chaste Christianity, I want to talk about concupiscence. Jack Bates criticizes me for introducing concupiscence into the discussion in an over-generalized and therefore simplistic way. Bates writes: Wedgeworth’s treatment of concupiscence in relation to the queer Christian’s experience is the site of his most significant errors. […]

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More Thoughts on Spiritual Friendship/Gay Christianity– Unpacking Some Basic Confusion

My essay over at Mere Orthodoxy on the Spiritual Friendship conversation has generated a fair amount of discussion these past few weeks. Much of it has been very good. Some of it was of the predictable online partisanship variety, which, while inevitable, is still too bad. There was a sort of blind partisanship on the […]

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What to think of “Heterosexuality”

Last week Michael Hannon posted an essay at First Things arguing against the idea of sexual orientation and the nomenclature of “heterosexuality.” It quickly became a big hit, so popular, in fact, that it warranted a (very poor) response from There was certainly an important truth to Mr. Hannon’s essay: the language of “orientation” […]