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The Catholic Church Has Already Been Transformed

The continuing fallout from Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia appears to be reaching a decisive moment. The bishops of Malta have released an interpretation of Amoris Laetitia which supports and applies what might be called the “progressive” interpretation. It allows for those people who have been divorced and remarried, hitherto a state considered mortal sin, to receive […]

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A Syllogism on Religion and the State

It seems to me that Christian advocates of an über-Jeffersonian separationism with respect to “church” and “state,” which usually in such a view are taken to mean not quite “church” and “state,” but something more like “religion” and “political order,” need to be able to answer coherently the following syllogism: P1. Man’s chief temporal end is […]

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Davenant Press: For Law and For Liberty

Some friends and I have put out a new book which will be of interest to TCI readers. For Law and For Liberty: Essays on the Trans-Atlantic Legacy of Protestant Political Thought is the published collection of essays which were first presented at the 2015 Convivium Irenicum. The 2016 Convivium Irenicum is right around the corner, […]

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Review: Mark J. Larson ‘Abraham Kuyper, Conservatism, and Church and State’

Mark J. Larson, Abraham Kuyper, Conservatism, and Church and State (Eugene: Wipf and Stock), 2015, 111 pp + xii.    Abraham Kuyper is becoming more and more a point of conversation for politically-minded Christians. Indeed, as my TCI associate Jordan Ballor has just pointed out, we threaten to morph into the Neo-Calvinist International if recent article trends continue. In […]

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Separation of Natural Law and State

Anthony Murray worries about what effects the influence of natural law might have now that at least some of the US Supreme Court justices seem to believe in it. It looks grim, as he concludes with this apocalyptic line: “The moment a judge turns to natural law, democracy vanishes.” But what does he mean? His essay […]

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Africa, Church, and State

To assume that the only way Africa can be saved is through nation-state modalities, and that the church can only contribute to this process by helping nation-state politics is ridiculous, especially in Africa, where the church has far more credibility than the corrupt nation-state institution. Thus writes Emmanuel Katongole, in The Sacrifice of Africa: A […]