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Richard Bauckham’s Hellenization Thesis

In his widely praised book on NT Christology, Richard Bauckham writes: The term identity is mine, not that of the ancient literature, but I use it as a label for what I do find in the literature, which is not, of course, necessarily a notion precisely the same as modern ideas of personal identity, but […]

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The Greeks and the Gospel

In honor of the publication of the digital edition of The Greeks and the Gospel by J.B. Skemp, I present an excerpt: CHAPTER I The Greeks and the Gospel TIMEO Danaos et dona ferentes—I fear the Greeks even when they are bringing gifts. This was the cautious reaction of the Trojan Laocoon to the introduction […]

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NPR Still Not “Getting” Religion

It has been obvious for some time that the media “just doesn’t get religion.” Some writers are better than others, and every so often an actual expert in the field will be given a platform on a mainstream media outlet, but taken as a whole, things are still pretty bad. NPR continues this trend with its […]