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RTR: Disputation against Scholastic Theology (1517)

It is late in the year, but here’s a short post on the first of the two works of Luther from 1517 that begin the Reading the Reformation with Luther series, “Disputation against Scholastic Theology.” There are a number of intriguing aspects of this work. I’ll identify just a few and in no particular order […]

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Ursinus on the Doctrine of God: Part 2- Basic Trinitarian Categories

We continue our series on Zacharias Ursinus’s explanation of the doctrine of the God (see part 1 for more), looking now at His explanation of the Trinity. The following comes from his Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, eighth Lord’s Day section 3, pg. 129-132 of the P&R edition. Readers will notice a strongly “traditional” explanation, […]