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Zanchi on Festivals (2)

In today’s post, Zanchi continues his response to the objection that Christians should not have festivals through an analysis of the Fourth Commandment. Zanchi here makes the important distinction between substance and accident in the commandment; notes an important parallel with gentile festivals that helps to demonstrate the naturalness of festivals or feast days; and engages […]

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Zanchi on Festivals (1)

In clearing out some old papers, I came across something I had meant to do here, but didn’t get around to it; so I’m doing it now. That “something” is a series on an interesting bit of Girolamo Zanchi’s commentary on Colossians: an excursus De Festis (“On Festivals”) in his comments on Col. 2.17. I’m […]

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Should We Be Celebrating Frank Reich?

On Social Media, I came across this article on Frank Reich, the former President at RTS Charlotte and now head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The article was promoted by several men I know and respect. I do, however, have some questions I’d like to ask about how we are to view Frank Reich’s remarkable move […]

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“Prayer, Work, Laughter, We Need Them All”: Notes in Service of Sanctified Celebration

“Natura abhorret a vacuo” Nature abhors a vacuum, and so every people constituted as a political body is going to have a schedule of sacred observances, of holy days–days marked out as special in some way, whether because of their perceived relation to a polity’s foundation or to its preservation. This calendar never has been, […]

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The Heidelberg Catechism and Christian Schools

The Heidelberg Catechism rather famously includes Christian education under the duties required by the 4th Commandment: Question 103. What doth God require in the fourth command ? Answer. First, that the ministry of the gospel and the schools be maintained In Ursinus’s commentary, we are given this explanation: The maintenance of schools may be embraced […]

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Calvin, Two Kingdoms, and the Sabbath

John Calvin’s position on the 4th Commandment has been perplexing to many for the last 300 years, at least. As Richard Gaffin explains, Calvin seems to be a non-Sabbatarian in conviction but a Sabbatarian in practice. Calvin states that the meaning of the Sabbath has been fulfilled in Christ, that we are now to “rest” […]