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Calvin Against Uniformity

Here are some important passages from Calvin to add to the two kingdoms files. In his commentary on 1 Cor. 14, especially having to do with order, he raises the question of uniformity when it comes to ecclesiastical polity, tradition, and external forms. He writes: The design of the admonition is this — that they […]

Archive Ecclesiastical Polity Reformed Irenicism Steven Wedgeworth

Adiaphora and the Heidelberg Catechism

From Ursinus’s Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, a collection of his teaching notes compiled principally by David Paraeus, we have this explanation of religious “ceremonies” and their permissibility in worship. This is included under the discussion of the Fourth Commandment: III. HOW MANY KINDS OF CEREMONIES ARE THERE? There are two kinds of ceremonies some […]