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On Neo-Augustinianism

Dr. Robert Benne writes on the fashionable Neo-Augustinianism, and while recognizing some of its good points, notes the following drawbacks: Ah, but wait. As attractive as this neo-Augustinian vision is, it is finally more a temptation than a real option. The main reason is theological. If God is indeed the creator and sustainer of the […]

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Michel Rene Barnes and the Problem of Idealist History

In his highly influential essay, “Augustine in Contemporary Trinitarian Theology,” Michel Rene Barnes gives a very helpful deconstruction of the methodology of many contemporary theologians, noting that while claiming to be doing historiography, they are actually doing critical and systematic philosophical and theological apologetics. They are not, in fact, interested in uncovering the facts of […]

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Was Luther “Catholic”?

The question in our title really ought to yield only the obvious answers. If by “Catholic,” one means, holding the catholic faith of Biblical Christianity, then yes, of course; in fact, Martin Luther rediscovered the shape of that catholic faith. If we mean however Roman Catholic, then a two-part answer is inevitable: “Yes, of course, […]