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What Does “Mere” Mean in “Mere Christianity”?

It is well known that C.S. Lewis borrowed the phrase “mere Christianity” from the seventeenth-century Puritan Richard Baxter; Lewis says as much in his book called–wait for it–Mere Christianity. Lewis also uses the phrase with some regularity in other writings, as indicated here. For instance, in his famous essay “On the Reading of Old Books,” […]

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A Review of David’s Sytsma’s Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers

  Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers David S. Sytsma Published: Oxford, August 24, 2017 352 Pages       The Richard Baxter we know was the faithful pastor of Kidderminster, author of the Reformed Pastor, the Christian Directory and The Saint’s Everlasting Rest. At least, that’s how it looks from the re-published works.  But […]

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Richard Baxter on Lent

Joel Wilhelm posts this seasonally relevant passage from Richard Baxter: As for the commanding such an abstinence, as in Lent, not in imitation, but bare commemoration of Christ’s forty day’s fast, I would not command it if it were in my power; but being peremptorily commanded, I cannot prove it unlawful to obey; with the […]