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Berman on Historical Fallacies

Here is an insightful section from Harold Berman outlining the ways in which historical frameworks (e.g. ancient, medieval, modern) can obscure rather than clarify: In addition to nationalist fallacies, legal historiography has suffered also from religious fallacies, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, which have obscured the continuity between the Catholic Middle Ages and post-Reformation modern […]

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The Inimitable and Inevitable Gary North

This past Tuesday, Richard Mouw published a remembrance of the Christian Reconstructionists at First Things. His basic thesis was that the Reconstructionists’s inability to win the battle “for hearts and minds” was primarily due to their conviction that hearts and minds are won by dominant polemical performance and unrelenting conviction without concern for personal etiquette or […]

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Unbelief and Revolution

Here follows a translation of the first paragraphs of the introduction to Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer’s Unbelief and Revolution. Harry van Dyke’s otherwise excellent translation truncates this part, a bad move on his part as this passage sets the stage for everything that follows, and lays out the importance of this inquiry in no uncertain terms. A […]