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The Humanist Theology of Marsilio Ficino: Selected Translations of His De Christiana Religione

Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499): Christian Humanist Marsilio Ficino is perhaps the paragon of Renaissance philosophical humanism – Renaissance “humanism,” as Kristeller thoroughly demonstrated, properly refers to the promotion of the “humanities” or liberal arts. He was the first in the West to translate the entire works of Plato and it was these translations, which included Ficino’s […]

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Evangelical Resourcement

The editors of TCI have been working on a project of Protestant and Reformed Resourcement for some time.  We have named this project, “How Then Have We Lived?,” in tribute to the late Francis Schaeffer.  He energized the Evangelical world to move forward confidently with a Christian philosophy and engagement with the world of arts […]

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The Humanism of Martin Luther

William J. Wright, Martin Luther’s Understanding of God’s Two Kingdoms: A Response to the Challenge of Skepticism, Baker Academic 2010. William J. Wright seeks to explain Martin Luther’s theology of the “two kingdoms,” not as merely one locus among many in Luther’s thought, but rather as a controlling method by which Luther approaches all intellectual questions, […]