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Calvin on the True Supression of Heretics

Everyone knows that John Calvin believed in the use of force to suppress heretics. What this post presupposes is…. maybe he didn’t? Perhaps the question is more complicated. We have written about the relationship between Calvin’s doctrine of the two kingdoms and the civil-political suppression of heresy here and here. He certainly did not promote […]

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A Roman Catholic Defense of Papalism

Pater Edmund has a worthy series of essays on the Roman Catholic understanding of religious freedom and Church and State over at The Josias. In the third installment he interacts with Reformation developments and modernity, citing a few of us along the way. While we would reach very different conclusions from Pater Edmund, he cites […]

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John Locke’s Assumptions

There is often heated debate, in the realms of politics and church history, over the religious (or antireligious) nature of the Enlightenment and of early modern political thought, especially the school of Liberalism.  The loudest is the debate about the question of whether or not the United States’ Constitution, Founding Fathers, and overall political theory […]