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Kuyper on Authority

In volume 1 of Pro Rege, Kuyper expounds upon the theme of the origins and nature of authority. In his exposition, he shows himself to be quite the political theologian. As a side note, this is one of the virtues of taking the effort to read these new Lexham Press translations of Kuyper’s public theology; they […]

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‘For the welfare of the church’

Althusius’ two kingdoms doctrine, as outlined in chapter XXVIII of the his Politca methodice digestica, has further knock-on effects for his political science than what I discussed in my previous post. Immediately following the instructions about the civil magistrate and freedom of conscience, Althusius explains that the prudent ruler will ‘abstain from persecutions’ of sects which […]

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Abraham Kuyper’s Philosophy of Politics

Our friend Jordan Ballor has a helpful essay on Abraham Kuyper’s understanding of nature, sin, politics, and the state. Interacting with Michael Hannon’s recent thoughts on Les Miserables and what it has to say about the basic foundations of politics, Dr. Ballor offers up Kuyper as a better model of legal philosophy. The essay is also […]