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And “What is Reformed Catholicism?”

Following up on Pastor Wedgeworth’s post regarding “Reformed Irenicism,” I thought it important to explain a few points regarding the relationship of this term to the idea of “Reformed Catholicism,” as it is often called. As it turns out, different people mean very different things by the label – though I think they (broadly speaking) could […]

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Reformation Day and Its Critics

All over the world, wherever evangelical Christians are few in number and persecuted, the memory of the 16th century, when believers reasserted the truth against all odds, is still fresh. For them, the Reformation is still ground to stand on, even to die on. And even in largely papalist Slovenia, where the Reformation was snuffed […]

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John Calvin and the Tradition of the Church Fathers

The Reformed tradition has of late found some difficulty in understanding and articulating its relationship to the early church tradition and the patristic record. It typically takes one of two approaches. The first, and unfortunately most common, is to dispense with the tradition altogether. This approach takes at least two modes: that of simply rejecting […]