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Wayne Hankey on Radical Orthodoxy

Dr. Wayne Hankey, Professor of Classics, has written some significant work critiquing Radical Orthodoxy; much of it, I have recently discovered, is available online for free. Two noteworthy resources: Deconstructing Radical Orthodoxy: Postmodern Theology, Rhetoric and Truth, edited by Wayne J. Hankey and Douglas Hedley (Aldershot, England: Ashgate Press, 2005). “‘Poets tell many a Lie’: […]

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Littlejohn Reviews Leithart’s Between Babel and Beast

TCI contributor Brad Littlejohn has posted a very thoughtful review of Peter Leithart’s Between Babel and Beast over at Reformation 21. Some of Mr. Littlejohn’s observations echo my own review which I posted here some time back. Especially important are these remarks: Leithart’s ecclesiology seems to suffer from the same kind of overrealized eschatology and opposition between […]

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Class(ic)ifying Jamie Smith

It would be an understatement to say that James K. A. Smith (or Jamie Smith, as he is also called) is difficult to categorize. With a background in the Plymouth Brethren tradition, he currently straddles Reformed, Pentecostal, Dooyeweerdian, and Neo-Anabaptist (Radical Orthodox) sentiments. Only in his early 40s, he has already turned out a number […]

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Smith’s Apocalyptic Community

Apparently James K. A. Smith concurs with David Bentley Hart’s idea that apocalyptic theopanies are somehow required for understanding that jumping off a bridge is a bad idea. Smith simply adds that these necessary apocalypses are only had in community, but communities, as mothers everywhere know, are sometimes disposed to jump off bridges. Smith will […]