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A Review of David’s Sytsma’s Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers

  Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers David S. Sytsma Published: Oxford, August 24, 2017 352 Pages       The Richard Baxter we know was the faithful pastor of Kidderminster, author of the Reformed Pastor, the Christian Directory and The Saint’s Everlasting Rest. At least, that’s how it looks from the re-published works.  But […]

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CS Lewis on the Word “Puritan”

From CSL’s Introduction to 16th Century English Literature: Dickens’s Mrs Clennam, trying to expiate her early sin by a long life of voluntary gloom was doing exactly what the first Protestants would have forbidden her to do. They would have thought her whole conception of expiation papistical. On the Protestant view one could not, and […]

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Dissertation on Puritanism and Natural Theology

Speaking of natural theology in the Reformed tradition, a friend directed me to a fairly recent dissertation on the subject by Wallace W. Marshall, entitled “Puritanism and Natural Theology.” Rarely does a dissertation threaten to upend long-standing historical narratives. Marshall’s dissertation does exactly that, adding much needed clarification to this very important issue. Marshall sets […]

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Rethinking “Stuart Anglicanism”

Correction/Retraction: In the original version of this post, it was assumed that Mark Noll’s summary of Michael Winship’s taxonomy was an accurate one, and both accordingly came in for some criticism.  Dr. Winship has contacted the author to explain that this is not the case, and that Noll’s remarks about “Stuart Anglicanism” are entirely Noll’s […]

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A Look at Jonathan Edwards and His Most Famous Sermon

Dr. Fred Sanders has a very helpful post on Jonathan Edwards and his most famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Dr. Sanders gives some context: “Sinners” looms large in American memory. It is a sermon on hell that has seared itself into the conscience of the country and made people think […]

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Calvin, Two Kingdoms, and the Sabbath

John Calvin’s position on the 4th Commandment has been perplexing to many for the last 300 years, at least. As Richard Gaffin explains, Calvin seems to be a non-Sabbatarian in conviction but a Sabbatarian in practice. Calvin states that the meaning of the Sabbath has been fulfilled in Christ, that we are now to “rest” […]

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Richard Hooker, Reformed Irenic

Or, A Refutation of the Calumnious Slanders Lately Lodged Against the Most Judicious and Rev. D. Hooker by D. Joyce of Birmingham, in Which are Exposed hir sundrie Errors, Misquotacions, and Misconceipts which do Uniustlie Stayne his moste Noble Memorie. In her recent book, Richard Hooker and Anglican Moral Theology,[1] Alison Joyce offers an important […]