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Feser on Punishment

Dr. Feser has been writing on the doctrine of hell and punishment these days. I wanted to highlight some very useful arguments he makes connecting punishment to natural law. He says in his recent post, “Does God damn you?“: Now, given what has been said, happiness – which is, again, the realization of the ends […]

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WGT Shedd on Divine Justice: With Excursions on Rewards, Punishment, and Atonement

Editor’s note: The following is taken from Shedd’s Dogmatic Theology Vol. 1 (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1888) p365-388. Some formatting changes have been made for the online format and general ease of reading. The discussion is ordered by the species of justice, of which Shedd lists four: rectoral justice, distributive justice (which is then subdivided into remunerative […]

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Is Retribution a Principle of Natural Law?

A few times in the past at TCI writers have addressed the matter of punishment. Pr. Wedgeworth’s essay on C. S. Lewis’ doctrine of punishment is a noteworthy case, and I build on that argument in various ways in my series on pacifism. I would like to briefly address this matter again, by providing one brief […]

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Bruce Waltke on Enemy Love

Dr. Bruce Waltke’s commentary on the book of Proverbs is a standard for evangelical OT scholarship. In the course of commenting on a few texts, he makes points relevant to my recent TCI series on pacifism. [10:]12  The quatrain now probes the sources of good and bad communication to the way people perceive others who […]

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But What About the Consistory? Yeah, Sorta

One response to my essay on CS Lewis and punishment was that Calvinism, and particularly the Genevan Consistory, should also take some historical blame for rehabilitative punishment and coercive disciplinary penance. My reply to this is a bold “Yeah, sorta.” As Hooker pointed out in the preface to his Laws, the Genevan discipline had its own […]