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Thomas Goodwin on the Incarnation and the Fall

In his sermons on Ephesians chapter 2 [works Vol 2. Sermon no. 3.¬† p. 33] Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680), member of the Westminster Assembly, embarks upon a slightly speculative theological reflection with regard to the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of Christ.¬† This angle he attributes to Zanchius and the school-man Suarez. Goodwin contends that […]

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A.A. Hodge on Adam’s Created Holiness

There have been a couple of posts here over the last year or so on issues related to concreated holiness and the donum superadditum¬†(e.g., here, here, here, here). A.A. Hodge finds that the idea of created holiness necessary to a full understanding of the image of God. He lists three “elements” of the image: “(1.) […]

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Greek Myth and the Donum Superadditum

This post is something of a lark, apropos (maybe?) of some of Peter’s recent writings on nature and supernature, and also (maybe?) of Steven’s on Adam and evolution. There is a stream, which can be called progressivist, in the Greek mythic tradition in which man as originally constituted was lacking in particular gifts that allowed […]