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Hugh Hefner, the Logic of Porn, and the Homosexualization of Sex

After the death of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, many people have been reflecting upon his cultural significance. Several of us recalled an especially powerful piece on Hefner from 2003 by Read Mercer Schuchardt. Christianity Today later published the piece here. Having read the original article, which can still be read here (I […]

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The Significance of the Planned Parenthood Videos

The recent set of sting videos on Planned Parenthood, put out by The Center for Medical Progress, have shaken up┬áthe abortion debate in important ways. While it had never actually gone away, abortion had more or less become an accepted constant of American political life with few looking for significant change. That has changed now, […]

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The Nature of the Obama Administration

While we don’t typically like to weigh in with explicitly partisan commentary, since doing so too often distracts from the more important issue of philosophical and theological principles, this description of the Obama administration from Ross Douthat seemed fairly accurate and helpful for future dialog: Obama has governed as a business-friendly social democrat and an […]