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The Leadership of the Catholic Church: Now vs. Then

In the wake of the latest round of sexual abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, I would like to invite all Christians and serious moral thinkers to leave that ecclesiastical institution. Many sincere members of that church have confessed that they no longer trust their pastors and their bishops. Many have even said that […]

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The Dignitatis Humanae Revolution

A little over a week ago, we began the argument that the disruption currently occurring within the Roman Catholic Church is an inevitable reverberation of the 20th century. A fundamental transformation then occurred, and the classic position on religious liberty and the rights of the human conscience was been replaced by a new teaching. We […]

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The Catholic Church Has Already Been Transformed

The continuing fallout from Pope Francis’sĀ Amoris Laetitia appears to be reaching a decisive moment. The bishops of Malta have released an interpretation of Amoris Laetitia which supports and applies what might be called the “progressive” interpretation. It allows for those people who have been divorced and remarried, hitherto a state considered mortal sin, to receive […]

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What to Make of the Pope?

Ross Douthat argues that while the Pope’s recent statement on gays doesn’t signal a massive change in doctrine, it does signal a change in tone and strategy, in a significant way. Rod Dreher adds that this likely means that Francis will be emphasizing the more liberal spirit of modern Catholicism. Is this finally the Vatican […]