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Douthat on the Family Policy Vacuum

Over at the New York Times Ross Douthat has penned a tongue-in-cheek column about what could be if Donald Trump was a domestic policy wonk. The point he makes about family policy, one he has been making for some time now, is a good one. There is a family policy vacuum at the top end of town. The questions […]

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Capitalism in Need of Families

Add this one to the ever-growing number of articles on the dicey relationship between modern US capitalism and the family. Our economy discourages large families, but it turns out that, in doing so, it actually harms itself: The thing about an increasingly childless economy is that it has major implications for consumption. Just look at […]

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The Family-Centered Politics of Abraham Kuyper

From James D. Bratt’s biography: The family… was for Kuyper first in every sense of the term. It was the first institution to appear in history and seeded all the rest. Its health was the foundation and surest barometer of a society’s wellbeing. It grew from nature, prospered by nurture, and properly taught its members […]