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Marsilius on When to Correct the Prince

Elsewhere I have written about Protestant resistance theory, and how the cases of justified opposition to magistrates are limited in scope: Calvin also wanted to preserve a relatively just and peaceful social order, believing that such was natural good of human beings. As an implication of this principle, he upheld the basic principles of just […]

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The Heretical South: Slavery and Christian Betrayal

The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia flies no more on the lawn of the South Carolina capitol grounds. In the rush of emotion that followed Dylan Roof’s killings, the debate among Christians shifted from the subject of race and Christianity to a debate—though it wasn’t really a debate, more of a en-masse […]

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First World Problems: Marriage and Politics As We Know It

The Obergefell decision has been understandably generating tremendous media coverage and analysis. Most of the commentary has discussed either the speed at which society has given approval to same-sex marriages or the potentially dramatic “legal overreach” by the judiciary. One very foundational point, however, has gone nearly without comment: the legal jurisdiction of the family. In the […]

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The Third Annual Convivium Irenicum

The Convivium Calvinisticum developed as a the fruit of some of this website’s work and the friendships it engendered. Over the past three years, the Davenant Trust has taken over sponsorship and direction of the convivium (see here and here for previous updates), and along the way changed its name to the Convivium Irenicum. Each year the […]

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The Right to Resist: Calvinist Constitutionalism and the Lockean Paradigm

Such was the title I gave to an unpublished manuscript I wrote back in 1991. As interest in this subject seems to be growing, I will look into bringing the manuscript up to speed for a contemporary audience, as time permits. For starters, here is the original introduction, which itself is in need of some […]

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Healthcare By Committee

Now that the GOP have temporarily given up the spotlight, the rollout of is doing all the work for them. The president is hardly charming us into submission. The near future doesn’t look promising either. I think there’s something we can learn here beyond political talking points and even political theory as such. Politics […]