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Christianity and Political Liberalism

My recent essay on the extant tensions between political liberalism and Christianity, published in the October issue of the Australian cultural and political journal Quadrant, is now available online. In it, I attempt to demonstrate the historical links between Christianity and liberalism, vis-a-vis Larry Siedentop. The article is also my effort to persuade a secular audience about the necessity […]

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Did Christianity Invent the Individual?: A review

Larry Siedentop, Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism (Cambridge: Belknap Press), 2014, 434 pp + viii.  At the very beginning of Inventing the Individual, Larry Siedentop laments in terms that will resonate with many. Many goods of the past are lost. The western world, taken as a whole, has mislaid its cultural and historical identity. […]

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Modernity as Limitedness

Though there’s so much more to be said, unpacked, nuanced, and qualified, this post still gets at something very important about what is often called “modernity.” Without glibly embracing the total package, mature Christian thinkers still ought to be grateful for much of what falls under the heading of “modernity,” and here’s why: Once this has […]

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The Servetus Thing

Davey Henreckson, guest-posting at Political Theology, considers whether Calvin is really a Whig who simply suffered intellectually irrelevant bouts of political dyspepsia, as Dr Witte seems to want him to have been, or not. The first post is here, and the second here. We ourselves briefly dealt with Dr Witte’s construal of Calvin in our […]