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Toward an Aesthetics of the Ordinary

I frequently make fun of “aesthetics.” I do so because the way in which the term is used in common parlance at the present hour is silly, and serves roughly as a synonym for “something that gives me the feels.” This is the refuge of not a few Tiber-jumpers. Some Protestants, on the other hand, […]

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The Bare Symbolism of the Late-Modern Longing: A Rejoinder to Peter Leithart

Do Amish Romance novels find their origin in the Swiss Reformation? You may never have considered this question before, but it really is only fair to ask it. Martin Luther and John Calvin are regularly blamed for the enormities of the modern world. Why let Ulrich Zwingli off the hook? Well, alright, it might be […]

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Prudentius’ Hymnus de Trinitate: Dogmatics and Poetics

Writing intensely dogmatic poetry within the constraints of classical meters is not easy to do. One of the best and most interesting of those who have made the attempt is the most erudite and virtuosic Christian poet of Late Antiquity, Aurelius Prudentius Clemens (late fourth/early fifth century). Below is the hymn on the Trinity that […]