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Why Arguments Against Gay Marriage Are Usually Bad

In a recent post, Peter Leithart reflects upon the debate between Douglas Wilson and Andrew Sullivan on same-sex marriage. Observing the increasing inability of Christian arguments to gain purchase upon the public’s imagination, he wonders how arguments against same-sex marriage might become persuasive again. His conclusion is far from sanguine: without a recovery of Christian imagination, […]

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“But now we can’t dance”

Mr Littlejohn, in this trenchant essay, very decisively turns off the dry ice machine and strobes at the ecclesiastical utopian party, and turns the regular lights on. Now, once they have recovered from Mr Littlejohn’s harshing of their mellow, said partygoers must make up their mind as to what exactly it is that they’re up […]

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Blaming the Greeks and Repeating the Past: A Liberal Methodology?

TCI collaborator Brad Littlejohn recently posted an essay pointing out how Bavinck can help modern theological conversations regarding the categories of “nature” and substance.”  In it, Mr. Littlejohn draws our attention to Peter Leithart’s reservations about these concepts.  And while Mr. Littlejohn does offer up many helpful ways in which Dr. Leithart’s thoughts can be harmonized with the classical […]

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Von Mises, Liberalism, and the Kingdom of God

Peter Leithart here draws attention to libertarian guru Ludwig von Mises’ animosity toward Christianity. Mises’ charges are old ones, whose most recent variants include Nietzsche’s critique of Christianity as resentment-driven Sklavenmoral. This is not to say that there’s nothing at all to the thesis that Christianity deliberately upsets fixed settlements of inequity. It is in fact true. […]