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Theories of Accommodation in the Theology of John Calvin

The term “accommodation” has undergone a series of changes in meaning within theological discourse. Most famous to Protestant theologians is the main sense in which Calvin used it, that God accommodated Himself to humanity by speaking in human terms and concepts. We will explain this in more detail below. There is another sense of the […]

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Leithart on Enns

Dr Peter Leithart critically reviews Dr Peter Enns’ new book on the bible. On similar matters, see Peter Escalante’s previous post on Enns.

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Enns and Inerrancy

Peter Enns has an essay up at Patheos reporting that the ETS discussion of inerrancy was not the impassioned confrontation he suggests many expected. He seems to want us to be surprised; but what would really be surprising would be the appearance of any passion at all at any ETS panel discussion. He is correct, […]

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Dr. Enns’s Brief Response

In a Facebook thread, Dr. Peter Enns offered this summary of my essay on the historical Adam: “A rather long-winded piece that says what others are saying in defense of a historical Adam: ‘We are literalists, and without Adam our theology falls apart; Therefore, Adam must exist.’” He continued throughout the thread to say that Evangelicals […]

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What Depends Upon An Historical Adam?

Modern evangelicalism has always had something of an identity problem. Wanting to be neither Fundamentalism nor Liberalism, it has often found itself unable to sit comfortably in the middle. More often than not, and sometimes with a bit of pressure from either side, it ends up swinging back and forth between the poles, often unable […]