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A Mirror of Modernity: How Should Christians Respond to Pro-Choice Logic?

It is not surprising that the conservative reaction to the recent Planned Parenthood scandal has been varied. Some are hopeful that these videos will have substantive effects. Others are more cynical. In either case, the footage is iconic– making plain what technocratic medical-speak really sounds like behind closed doors. One could reduce “It’s a baby” […]

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‘Faith must be persuaded, not commanded’

In his Politca methodice digestica Johannes Althusius makes the following observation about the spiritual nature of faith, warning the civil magistrate not to assume control over what is solely God’s jurisdiction: A magistrate in whose realm the true worship of God does not thrive should take care that he not claim imperium over that area of the […]

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The Inimitable and Inevitable Gary North

This past Tuesday, Richard Mouw published a remembrance of the Christian Reconstructionists at First Things. His basic thesis was that the Reconstructionists’s inability to win the battle “for hearts and minds” was primarily due to their conviction that hearts and minds are won by dominant polemical performance and unrelenting conviction without concern for personal etiquette or […]

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Lewis on the Pitfalls and Pathways of Moral Reasoning

In his well-known attempt to field the question of pacifism, the essay “Why I Am Not a Pacifist”, C.S. Lewis established some preliminary ground rules about moral reasoning applicable beyond his particular concerns. He begins by adverting toward an analysis of Reason in general. Lewis notes that this involves three elements: the facts reasoned about, […]

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Sherif Girgis on Natural Law and Marriage

Over at Public Discourse, Sherif Girgis attempts to field some objections to natural law arguments offered recently in the context of the gay marriage debates. I’m still waiting to hear the political argument against gay marriage from those who reject natural law reasoning, but Mr. Girgis does a good job of explaining some of the […]

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A Look at Jonathan Edwards and His Most Famous Sermon

Dr. Fred Sanders has a very helpful post on Jonathan Edwards and his most famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Dr. Sanders gives some context: “Sinners” looms large in American memory. It is a sermon on hell that has seared itself into the conscience of the country and made people think […]

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Can Arguments Against Gay Marriage Be Persuasive?

Dr Leithart has kindly responded to my post (which can be found here) on the use of natural law in the same-sex marriage debate. The following comments outline my position on natural law in a little more detail and describe some of the concerns that I have with his position.

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Edward Feser, David Bentley Hart, and Natural Law

Edward Feser administers a much needed corrective on the subject of natural philosophy and natural law in this response to David Bentley Hart. Before Dr. Feser’s article, the original piece from Dr. Hart was mostly applauded by other noteworthy names like Rod Dreher, Alan Jacobs, and Peter Leithart. We will not reproduce all of Dr. […]