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Vermigli vs Hobbes on Idolatry

In his massive chapter on ecclesiastical power in Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes argues that people can rightly bow before idols, or deny belief in Christ as Messiah. He writes that if a civil magistrate forbids one to believe in Christ, it does not matter: To this I answer, that such a forbidding is of no effect, […]

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Obedience and Unjust Laws

It is a commonplace of the classical and Christian traditions of natural law that unjust laws do not have the force of law and therefore do not compel obedience from subjects, and perhaps at the present time this oldĀ locus communis is worth revisiting. When philosophers and theologians make statements like the one I just made, […]

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Why Obedience Is Sacrifice

In a previous post I gave Niels Hemmingsen’s account of the royal and priestly work of the Christian believer. In an ellipsis in that translation, I omitted his account of the reasons for which God deigns to call our obedience that is in accordance with his will “sacrifice.” He finds there to be four of […]